#1 Key to Optimize Sleep in the Modern World

Optimizing sleep is key for transforming many aspects of health:


  • Inducing weight loss
  • increasing daily energy and vitality,
  • creating a good balance of hormones (key to health at any age)
  • helping prevent or delay chronic degenerative diseases – even cancer.
  • helping restore adrenal glands, reducing stress hormone production (80% of all doctors visits are stress-related; 70-80% of people suffer from some adrenal fatigue today)
  • according to a recent study, sleep may even assist in the removal of neurotoxins from the brain, if you get sufficient sleep (6-8 hours).

For general sleep tips that can make a big difference in the quality and quantity of your sleep, check out this blog post.

So, the #1 way to transform your sleep in our world: Create pitch darkness in your bedroom. Modern life with the beginning of widespread electric lights in the 1920s, along with today’s 24/7 TV and internet, may affect your ability to get enough quality rest.

Nighttime pitch darkness is required for your brain’s pineal gland to produce optimal amounts of certain hormones to do all the brain is designed to while you sleep. Too late exposure to bright, lit-up screens (computer, tablets, TV, alarm clocks etc.) and outdoor light shining into your bedroom slows that process down, because the pineal gland is extremely sensitive to light.

Thus, staying away from screens, keeping lights low and making sure no street or other lights enter your bedroom at least an hour before bed and during the night is key.

You may need to install room-darkening blinds in your bedroom and/or use an eye mask (though this is less optimal, unless your mask doesn’t move at all during the night). You may also want to install free software, f.lux, on your computer for nighttime use. Check it out here.

This may sound hard to accomplish if you feel you must have access to screens anytime. But the payoff can be huge if you’re willing. And if you make these changes for even 30-60 days, your body will start to crave darkness at night, as it does for me; and my clients who’ve tried this. Why?

Our bodies are designed to experience darkness at night, and strong brightness during the day. Right now it’s summer, and one great thing to do for your sleep is – expose your eyes to the outside light (even in gray skies) for even 2 minutes, though 10 is better!

Modern life often has this upside down, with millions working in artificial, not strong enough light during the day and then way too bright light exposure at night.

Here’s hoping you’ll give this a chance & help transform your health by transforming your sleep!

Want to learn more about sleep? A wonderful book to check is “Why We Sleep”. Check it out here.

2 thoughts on “#1 Key to Optimize Sleep in the Modern World

  1. Bo Bowidowicz

    I have found that sleeping on a “schedule” also helps with getting better rest.
    I recently started a firm practice of in bed by 10:PM and up at 5:AM.
    I wake up refreshed and ready to roll.
    Thanks for the insights.


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