Healthy Eating On The Road & In The Air

With so many people traveling this time of year, I wanted to share with you my my top 5 favorite healthy picks for eating on the run, or the fly, literally – even with the tighter security restrictions.

  1. Dried peas – a great substitute for all those chips loaded with unhealthy fats and chemicals if you’re looking for crunchiness. And it’s great for boosting your fiber and vegetable intake, too! I love getting them at See below for a great coupon code. Check them out here.
  2. Little packs of almond, macadamia, cashew or walnut butter – or bring some whole in a little bag. Nuts are great for boosting your healthy Omega3 and 6 fatty acids – just be sure to get them without a lot of added chemicals, which is why I love the Artisana brand. You can get some right here.
  3. If you’re liking a mix of nuts, try bringing a simple trail mix – either store-bought or one youfile000530388749 quickly put together at home. I often make a mix of nuts, a few dried fruit, some chocolate or carob chips for fun.
  4. If you’re a die-hard eat-healthy fan like me and a bunch of my health coach friends, be courageous and bring a can of fish, such as salmon, mackerel, sardines as a protein-replacement. I do this especially on longer flights, so I don’t need to depend on hormone-laden meat or chicken on the plane. Other fishy options would be smoked mackerel, trout, or salmon – all full of healthy fatty acids.GREEN APPLES
  5. A sturdy piece of fruit, such as a granny smith apple. It will get you through security just like the other items, is crunchy and packs a great amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Last but not least, for a real treat that doesn’t just pack a super yummy taste punch, but also great nutrition, check out my favorite chocolate snack. It’s only barely processed, lower in sugar than most candy bars, and full of super healthy fats and antioxidants that multi-task to strengthen your body on different levels. You can spread it on bread, pancakes etc but for my personal grain-free taste, I love letting it melt in my mouth, guilt-free! Here it is. Please note – if you have any issues with blood sugar or are currently on a nutritional balancing program due to heavy metal toxicity, chronic fatigue or other issues, you may want to pass on this.

Use Coupon Code LON751 to get a $5 discount, and $10 if you spend $40. Enjoy! And right now – late November 2014 – you can even get 10% off any order over $40, too.

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