Super simple, fast Tex-Mex Bake

A delicious fast dish for nights when appetite is big and the time you have is ‘small’ and if you are able to eat grains. This truly fits the “super simple” bill!


1 cup organic white rice (Jasmine cooks in about 20 minutes)
1 15 oz. BPA-free can black beans, such as Eden Organic (or use dried beans, soak for 8 and cook 2 hours)
10 oz. frozen mixed organic vegetables of your choice
1 16 oz. jar organic mild salsa
12 oz organic shredded mild cheddar cheese
Sea salt, 1 teaspoon to taste
Optional: 16oz ground turkey, chicken or beef


Cook the rice according to package instructions.
While the rice is cooking,

  • remove the frozen veggies from the freezer
  • rinse the cooked or canned beans in plenty of water in a colander
  • add veggies and beans to the casserole and store in fridge

When rice is cooked, transfer it from the pot to the casserole, and mix veggies, beans, rice and ground meat, if using, gently.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F so that it’s ready to go when the rice is cooked.
Distribute the jar of salsa over the top, and sprinkle the cheese over it.
Put casserole dish to oven and bake for 30 minutes.

Remove casserole from the oven, let cool and enjoy! 🙂




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