Enjoy Coffee The Healthy Way (like this!)

On super cool and busy days, many folks love to indulge their Starbucks – substitute your favorite coffee or tea brand – habit. If that is you, you may consider sipping your treat without the light-colored, plastic lid.file0001494662016


While much awareness has been raised about the potential of BPA to disrupt the endocrine system of both males and females, those handy plastic lids still contain BPA, also known as bisphenol-A. (Click here to read more about this compound, courtesy of the NIH)

If you are a super healthy, Olympic athlete, it may not make much difference to you. My personal thought is, the less chemicals we are exposed to in the sea of chemicals that are being produced and used every single day, the better.

If you have been diagnosed with immune or chemical sensitivity issues – and especially any type of autoimmune issues like hashimoto’s, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus etc., this is one way you can protect your body from having to work harder.

While a BPA containing product is never the best option, it may be especially harmful when combined with anything acidic – such as coffee – that is also heated. The equation goes:

Heat + BPA + Acid = leaching of BPA into the coffee….and into your body.

So before you sip, see if you can remove the cover – or have Starbucks pour your cup o’joe into your own BPA mug….and enjoy!file000595017308

Of course, if you have the time – or can take the time – take a break, sit down and enjoy coffee the old fashioned way; or in my case, a lovely cappuccino – my personal favorite.

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