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“All Disease Begins In The Gut”

…is one of my favorite quotes, by Hippocrates. The best way to sail through this season and next is to go with the flow – the flow of nature to support intestinal health. As you know, our immunity depends 70% on the health and strength of our gut, and more specifically, the integrity of the lining of the gut:

The stronger your gut (lining), the stronger you will be.

Here are two top strategies toward that end:

1. Gently and slowly change what and how we eat

When it’s cool outside, we can enjoy having more warm, cooked foods – soups especially – and less ice-cold drinks and endless salads for lunch. This will not only keep our internal engines brimming with energy but help our intestinal lining stay well “oiled” so to speak. Bone broths from chicken and beef especially will even help heal it, due to the minerals and gelatin that the bones of the animals will ‘leach’ into the broth, and more so if you use bones from grass fed animals. Soups will also help you stay hydrated. A great source for bone broth from pastured animals, if you are pressed for time, is to order it from US Wellness Meats; they’ll ship it to you overnight. It is worth every penny. Here are my favorites.

2. Maintain and/or rebuild probiotic bacteria in your gut.

This is key especially after a course of antibiotics, even if it occurred months ago. Antibiotics kill the good and bad bacteria, and it takes several months for the good bacteria to rebuild. Yeast and fungi like the Candida fungus grow more than in “normal conditions”, as they are no longer kept at bay by the “good” or “pro-life” bacteria, and totally unaffected by the antibiotics.

Did you know that the number of individual bacteria in our gut is larger than the number of cells in our whole body?

This is especially key for children, and toddlers with recurrent ear infections. Many doctors recommend taking extra probiotics or yoghurt while on the medicine. However, many patients, no matter their age, would benefit from a longer-term dietary change, and the support of probiotics. Of course, for some, just adding a bit more fermented dairy such as yoghurt and kefir may do the trick. Sadly, many people don’t do so well even on fermented dairy.

3. Reduce the consumption of simple carbohydrates and even sugar

Yeast, fungi and other microbes feed on these foods, and may contribute to inflammation in the body, including the gut. Left unchecked, they can wreak untold havoc and may contribute to deeper digestive issues, such as constipation, diarrhea among others.

Implementing even one of these suggestions will help your body and your digestion function better – which ultimately will give you more energy, stronger bones, and even more balanced hormones. Which one of them sounds like something you want to try? I’d love to hear from you!

As always, remember taking small steps in the right direction will get you to your goal eventually.

A great first small step? Order some bone broth from US Wellness Meats 🙂

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